About the George Washington Forum

Our Mission

Civic Education, Civil Debate, Viewpoint Diversity

The Menard Family George Washington Forum explores classical principles in intellectual, political, and institutional contexts. It offers a setting of critical examination and discourse for understanding how individuals, society, and institutions combine to foster wellbeing.

The Menard Family George Washington Forum pursues its mission in at least three interconnected ways:

  • It inspires epistemic curiosity among Ohio University undergraduates, especially in (but not limited to) the fields of history, economics, philosophy, business, and the humanities.
  • It encourages rigorous scholarship through themed conferences, public lectures, and publications.
  • It provides scholarship funding to Ohio University undergraduates interested in free societies and what makes them possible.

Founded in 2009, the Menard Family George Washington Forum has depended on the generous support of various individuals, organizations, and programs to enhance students’ education and facilitate public discourse. Thank you for your interest in the Forum, and we appreciate all who support our efforts.

Cort Rodet, PhD

Associate Professor of Economics

Director, The Menard Family George Washington Forum

GWF Staff

Portrait of Cort Rodet, Director

Cort Rodet, Director

Cort Rodet is an economist at Ohio University, where he teaches economics and statistics. He completed his Ph.D. at the Florida State University, specializing in experimental economics, behavioral economics, and political economy. Following his graduate studies, he was a Research Economist at the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University in Orange, CA. His research and teaching revolve around institutions and their impact on a well-functioning society, accountability within political and commercial institutions, psychological motivations of political engagement, and the economics of innovation and creativity.

Portrait of Andrew Wilkins, GWF Postdoctoral Scholar in History

Andrew Wilkins, GWF Postdoctoral Scholar in History

Andrew Wilkins is the George Washington Forum’s Postdoctoral Scholar in History. He specializes in British and Irish Economic History, then history of Political Economy, the emergence of social, economic, and political modernity, empire, industrialization, the Enlightenment, and the Anthropocene. He holds a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin and a BA from the University of Chicago.

Faculty Associates

  • Portrait of Brian Schoen

    Brian Schoen

    Brian Schoen is Associate Professor of History and the James Richard Hamilton/Baker and Hostetler Professor of the Charles J. Ping Institute for Teaching of the Humanities.

  • Portrait of Richard Vedder

    Richard Vedder

    Richard Vedder is Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus.